North London based ambient soul duo


What story?
.......what happened was John came over to Rob's studio in Hackney to see if he would do some mixes of songs he had – Rob got into them and as the mixes progressed he suggested some arrangement and even lyric changes and John didn't kill him – shortly after that they were swopping songs and then ideas and bits of new songs and without really thinking about it much they realised that they were writing together – they ended up with enough for an album but wanted to do something quickly so they made an EP.
'What It's All About' is the first – they are currently halfway through recording the second – they prefer EPs because they can be released quicker and more often – that's about it .......except that John is a midwestern boy from St Louis so he brings those roots to the mix - Rob is a northwesterner - from Liverpool to Hackney in one mighty leap – and there's soul music in there somewhere.

The Manifesto
.......sometimes we like to have arbitrary rules that can be switched on and off as necessary. One good rule is you're only allowed a maximum of three instruments and two takes. We like to do complete takes because you never know what will happen – editing is allowed if the take is good. Sometimes restrictions can really help – fortunately we have a secret switch that can disable them – not everybody is so fortunate.